Finacial Literacy, Fundraising And Friends

#1 Choose/Find Charity

Register or find your church, charity organization or cause. Earn money foryour favorite entity.

#2 WatchThe Video 

Start your financial education with this fun video on Money Made Easy. You will learn and earn at the same time. 

#3 Take The Quiz

Put Your new knowledge to the test a earn money for each question you get correct.

#4 Advanced Classes

Now that you have learned the basics of financial literacy. Now learn multiple streams of income.

#5 Schedule Live Event

Organize and schedule a live training event at your organization. We come to your and educate and fundraise. 

#6 Tell Your Friends

Let others know of the value of learning about money. Let them know they can also raise funds in the process.

We love to do onsite seminars.

Does your group, organization or charity want financial training? Let us come to you and lead a interactive fun seminar designed to raise money for your organization.

Finacial Training is our expertise.

Our comprehensive training will help everyone understand the world of money and finance.